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Modern Research2016-07-07

The researchers in China and in Japan made a lot of research and development on red yeast rice. Last century in 70s, The Japanese scholar Yuanteng Zhang found the Monacolin K from the secondary metabolites of Monascus purpureus Went can reduce the blood cholesterol, then it caused a lot of attentions.

Red Yeast Rice, also named Hongqu, with good quality rice as raw material,  use the modern bio-technology to make a nature fermentation product. After fermentation, the active ingredient Monacolin K and its homologues were come out in the secondary metabolism. Monacolin K is a inhibitor of the rate limiting enzyme of cholesterol synthesis in metabolic pathway. The nature HMG-COA inhibitor can effectively lower the cholesterol, regulate the blood lipid, has a highly nutritional, healthy, medical value. And has no any toxic side effect, it is a nature, safe, effective healthy food and medicine material.

After deep researching of Red Yeast Rice, people found other effective ingredients except Monacolin K in the natural fermentation functional red yeast rice. For example, GABA can cure and prevent high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease. Glucosemine can ensure the normal operation of bone joint. Lecithin can prevent the blood vessel from aging, increase the high-density lipoproteins, and enhance the activity of the brain cells, The natural antioxidant Flavonoids and Dimerumic Acid have the anti-cancer activity.

And the animal and clinical indicate that functional red yeast rice can significantly lower the serum total cholesterol, lower the serum triglyceride, and lower the low density lipoprotein, and lower the atherogenic index, increase the high density lipoprotein. Apply for hyperlipdemia, vascular hypertension, and coronary heart disease, cardiopathy, and high blood lipid, diabetes, and fatty liver, and anti-osteoporosis, Improve the function of gastrointestinal, antifatigue, invigorate the kidney and essence replenishment, replenishing vital energy, boosting human immunity.